Our Expertise

Firmly grounded in Africa, our projects have spanned more than 15 African countries. Our experience has given us a network of tried and trusted suppliers throughout Africa who provide reliable recruiting, venues client observation facilities, support and logistics.

With a depth of experience across the qualitative research spectrum, we have a rich understanding at South Africa, and are recognized leaders in media research.

Our research has helped our clients to build leading brands in FMCG, television, radio. print and mobile media.

In addition, we have our own film department, Branded Worx, who are bringing research to life in new and exciting ways.

Meet the Team

Lee Kotze

Managing Director

Lee Kotze has been in qualitative research for more than twenty five years  with experience in Africa as well as Australia. She started QI in 1998. Her passion and key role in QI is interpretation and delivering insights in consumer behaviour, and is an expert on African markets.

Samantha Loggenberg

Research Director

Samantha has over ten years experience in qualitative research. She has a special interest in prospect theory and the psychological determinants of choice.  As Research Director, her primary role is aligning consumer insights to actionable business strategies.

Bondo Ntuli

Senior Researcher

Bondo is an expert moderator and Senior Researcher with over 25 years industry experience. Bondo has exceptional facilitation skills and his vast knowledge and intuitive understanding of the emerging market adds rich context to consumer insight.

Mich Robb


Mich is a registered Psychologist in both Clinical and Educational categories. He is a member of the Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP). The Society is affiliated to the American Psychological Association. He has been involved in Market Research (moderating and behaviorial interpretation) as well as  Consumer Consulting since 1991. His consultancy, Psychad was established in 1993.

Arthur Mozoyana

Arthur Mozoyana has extensive experience in research in South Africa and on the continent.
Arthur built his reputation working on various brands and products including FMCG, finance, alcohol, government work and social research.
He is able to speak and moderate in 7 of the 11 official South African Languages.

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